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All inmate packages must be directly shipped to the jail from a company whose ordinary business includes the sales and shipping of such items or directly from a preferred vendor. Inmates are allowed to have only one pair of sneakers/footwear in their cell at any time. Any funds sent to an inmate will still be subject to restitution as ordered by the sentencing court. However, families that purchase packages directly from a vendor are not impacted by restitution. Access Securepak - New York DOC Family Package Program - Welcome NY DOCCS PACKAGE PROGRAM To begin shopping, select a facility below and then enter the inmate's information. 10. There is no longer a weekly deadline to get your orders in. New York State Identification Number (NYSID) A NYSID is a unique identifier assigned to an individual by the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). 4. If those items are not listed in the invoice as not sent, not substituted, then we request a copy of the Package Issuance Form the recipient receives whenever a package is issued to them. Copyright 2023 Walkenhorst's. Specializing in prayer oils, head gear, medallion and chain, prayer beads, prayer rugs, miswak), Indira Imports Inc.227 E. 11th StreetLos Angeles, CA90015(213) 749-4449 RPPM item. (see above list of authorized goods). All other packages or excess unneeded items will not be stored and may be returned to sender. Return to Home Page Please check with the inmate to coordinate. . Food weight is the ONLY weight included in the 35lbs restriction. Penal Law 205.20 - Promoting Prison Contraband in the Second Degree: A person is guilty of promoting prison contraband in the second degree when either: contraband is defined as "any item not authorized." We have added on an overnight shift, so we are now shipping out packages 24 hours a day, and will continue to do so even after we completely catch up on the backlog from the blizzard closure. BHS Direct Packages LLC - NYS Inmate Package Vendor BHS Direct Packages LLC NYS Inmate Package Vendor Inmate DIN Inmate First Name Inmate Last Name Your Email NO PROMO CODE? Anchortex Corporation is a leading supplier of prison uniforms and outerwear used by inmates in correctional facilities, detention centers, high-security prisons, and other rehabilitative institutions, including classic orange prison jumpsuits. Specializing in prayer oils, prayer rugs, prayer beads, herbs, bowls), Dancing Bear Indian Trader1313 Simpson Way, Ste. PO Box 500, Elmira, NY, 14901-0500. Access Securepak 10880 Lin Page Place , St. Louis, MO 63132 Phone 1-800-546-6283. Our merchandise is carefully selected and Approved for DOCCS. document.write("